De Incipiens


They are always cumbersome. I wish I had a full list of posts, dating back to some obscure year that predates Youtube and Twitter. But one has to start somewhere.

This is a long-overdue promise I made to myself; to chart my progress in these uncertain waters. To document what I’m going through, the lessons I’m learning, the lessons I’m not. There is value to my experience, and I intend on preserving it for my own entertainment in a few years.

History is a funny thing; since waddling out of the oceans (and climbing down from the trees) we have  lost more than we’ve gained. Reinventing the wheel is inherent to the human experience; so is chastising ourselves for it. But we keep reinventing the same wheels: perspective in painting, AABA song form, the harmonic overtone series, steam based engines… There is a blueprint to this world and our story is a story of forgetting and of rediscovery, like a middle aged housewife whose fingers find their way to the ivory keys upon sight of some Baby Grand, without remembering as much as the face of her grade school piano teacher.

It is my fate, then, to take part in the rediscovery and to fight the forgetting. We are nothing if not the accumulation of knowledge and beauty that we are privy to. And in a world of multimedia distractions, of 140 character emotions, of 15 second commercials (because 30 seconds are too long), it is a war indeed – perhaps the only holy one left.


I’m writing this for myself.


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